A bitter and mesmerically beautiful documentary that focuses on a single beekeeper as though our collective future hinges on the fragile relationship between she and her hives. 3. Incidentally, Shults and his film not only won the Audience Award at the Key West Film Festival, but he also rocked a mean “Don’t Stop Believin'” at the late-night karaoke that followed our closing reception. Best Movie Dramas of 2019 by tlmovies | created - 30 Apr 2019 | updated - 26 Dec 2019 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. His letter ties the object to a century-plus shadow organization convinced that the South won the war, and the bemused pair decide to take the object to a pawn shop. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Steven Farneth went from intern to sales agent to standing on the stage at the Oscars last year as one of the producers of “Green Book” (but that story is nothing compared to him giving up a perfect game he was pitching in college to defend a teammate). Read the full review here. we have seen set to come out in 2019. “Souvenir” “Varda by Agnes”, And, if we’re being real: “The Great British Baking Show,” Season 10, Michael TuckmanPresident, mTuckman media, inc. (Exhibition), As always, top 10 films involving former THINKFilm employees. Also, there’s a mad scientist who’s trying to clone Diamantino in order to create an invincible super team capable of stoking national pride and “Making Portugal Great Again.” Also, there are giant puppies. 3. 10. Being in the presence of this trio has been truly great. Menu. “I didn’t play by the rules,” Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) says at one point, “but there never were any rules.” That seems to be Stearns’ mantra. 1 The Irishman. “The Nightingale” Jordan Peele's Next Film After 'Get Out' and 'Us' Set for July 2022 from Universal Pictures, André Holland Is Working on a 'High Flying Bird' Sequel, 'The Lord of the Rings': Everything You Need to Know About Amazon's Big Money Adaptation, 'The Mandalorian': Unpacking the Critical Secrets of Boba Fett, Dark Troopers, and More. 2019 was an amazing year for viewing and for myself personally, work-wise. Opening night gave us Diane Pargas and her first narrative feature film “Yellow Rose,” which went on to win awards at every festival it played and getting distribution from Sony Pictures. You have your Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, John Wick and so on. 4. This Article is related to: Film and tagged Best Films of 2019, High Flying Bird, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Us. A film that needs to be in more conversations. “Little Women” – Greta Gerwig brings her insightful, lively, confident writing and directing to a bonafide Hollywood holiday movie. Oh my. I feel so blessed to be working on films like this that will hopefully spark change. This riotous, candy-colored celebration of sisterhood is so dense with anarchic developments it often threatens to collapse into itself, but avoids lingering on any gag long enough to let that happen. Zombies x 2: “Zombie Child” (Bertrand Bonello) & “Atlantique” (Mati Diop) Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes and the whole ensemble cast really brought their game and made this film fun, heartwarming and inspiring. I’m sad you’re only giving us 10 spots because I easily have three to four others that should be on here, but I will follow rules (this time!). “Watchmen” – This show is EVERYTHING! I’ll say it loud and clear here: This is the film “Call Me By Your Name” COULD have been. Read the full review here. You can also look back on some of our other best-of picks from last year. Eric Kohn. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” Whoa! Note: While some films on this list were released by studios, they were initially developed as independent projects. “The Souvenir” Most of my year is spent watching films submitted to the Toronto International Film Festival, some of them yet to be released. > The 10 Best Arthouse Films of 2019 The 10 Best Arthouse Films of 2019. Best of 2019. It must have received a theatrical release of one week or longer in New York or Los Angeles, or become available on a digital platform, within the 2019 calendar year. Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us” Here are my 10, in alpha order: “Atlantics” “The Souvenir” – Joanna Hogg’s personal movie quietly captures the beauty, pain and nostalgia of art school in the 1980’s and a tragic first boyfriend. “Midnight Family” Just a fun romp. Alex Ross Perry’s work has always had the courage to be profoundly unpleasant, but none of his previous stuff can prepare you for the incredible sourness of “Her Smell,” which is one of the most noxious movies ever made before it hits bottom and tunnels out through the other side. 9. “Shrill” – Yes, I am recommending a show about a millennial woman living in Portland. “Uncut Gems”: The second most heart attack inducing film of the year. Former THINK’er Andrew Carlin spent a few years heading up theatrical sales at Music Box Films before he moved on to Oscilloscope. Read the full review here. More on the best culture of 2019; Fri 20 Dec 2019 04.36 EST . Here’s a list of 11 art house, And seeing this backstory of the infamous Rudy Ray Moore, whom we first heard on those “blue” records back when we would be listening to Richard Pryor albums was so great. “Rocks” Though outwardly a film about a family spending two years crossing two continents seeking political asylum, the film is much more about how a family stays a family through such an ordeal. It’s the residue of a cannon that’s loaded with dead men and often pointing backward, the legacy of a pantheon that tends to regard modernity as more of an existential threat than a tool at its disposal. Lo could act until now. Posted on January 1, 2020 January 1, 2020 by Ryan Akler-Bishop. This year’s respondents include programmers, publicists, and distribution executives. Michael BarkerCo-President, Sony Pictures Classics, 1. I bought the DVD! “Ash is Purest White” and “Queen & Slim” for sneaking up on you so stylishly that you don’t mind the gut punch. 4. “American Factory”: Julia Reicherdt and Steve Bognar reveal the sorrows of working class America and the foreign heartless takeover of an American car factory. I felt it. The movie’s lightweight plot yields a disposable comedy with a lot on its mind, but its modest ambition is just enough to let Marc Maron push his onscreen appeal in a new direction. In a year where Disney films dominated 80% of box office revenues, it’s been easy to feel discouraged about the medium’s future. 5. And thank heavens more people will get to take in the stunning “Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” a love story that brims with passion and feelings unable to be constrained by conservative mores of the time. Other indies benefit from savvy marketing strategies, a cavalcade of rave reviews, or awards season buzz, but all of them deserve singling out as the best independent movies of the year so far. (“I love the Lord and all his black people” goes the refrain every time anyone in this movie compares slavery to professional basketball.) “Synonyms”: Nadav Lapid’s film examines identity in a rigorous, profound, and personal way. Although it’s difficult to narrow down to only 10, my list covers my favorite women-directed films of the year. “Gloria Bell” It may have taken filmmaker Joanna Hogg several decades to realize that her own box of darkness was actually a beautiful gift, but she unwraps it with the care and tenderness of someone who understands its true value. In the best movies of 2019, the definition of independent is blurrier than ever Even the best studio movies of 2019 have an indie sensibility. “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” “The Edge of Democracy” “Non-Fiction” Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Amanda Sherwin led many a successful Oscar campaign at THINKFilm, helping notch close to a dozen nominations in just seven years. Watching the two daughters play with each other on a playground surrounded by barb-wired fences yet laughing and running on a warm spring day shows the power of the human will like few films have done before. It should come as no surprise that Wilde imports her screen experience to become an actor’s director, favoring closeups and allowing her jubilant stars to define the movie’s delicate balance of cartoonish delivery with an emotional foundation. The best comedy of its kind since “Superbad,” Wilde’s slick, unpredictable romp can sometimes feel like several movies at once. “For Sama” The 20 best films of 2019, from Burning to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The stories, risk taking, pushing the envelope on storytelling and the acting from these newcomers blew me away — so much that after the finale, I had to find an online “Euphoria” fan group to discuss the finale and all that series was all about. “Hustlers” – A movie about strippers ripping off Wall Street dudes turns out to be about the bond between working women and the family they create. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. 7. And to top things all off, he treats us to his vintage animation. Within two years, there were nearly a dozen other remakes, including versions made in Spain, South Korea, France, Hungary, China, and India, with still more films planned in Poland, Germany, Qatar, and Sweden. Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. This series exudes so much love and care and presentation of some real characters. “Marriage Story” 2019 was so great as I had the honor of working together with this legendary filmmaker Michael Apted on his ninth chapter of his “Up” series. “Heimat is a Space in Time” “Parasite” Holy shit ending. Booksmart (2019) If you liked Superbad, you will love Booksmart. 8. 6. The Museum of Modern Art, “Parasite” 2. But to presume the role that may have played in his death would be as problematic as assimilating Hu’s suicide — which inevitably casts a long shadow over the film — into the fabric of the film itself. “Rolling Thunder Revue”, Gina DuncanVice President, Film and Strategic Programming, Brooklyn Academy of Music. Joana VicenteExecutive Director & Co-Head, Toronto International Film Festival. The Best Movies of 2019 Our critics celebrate Tarantino, a South Korean black comedy, and the return of Eddie Murphy. It’s a treat. It’s a musical séance for the hope that we keep searching for as a country and then losing along the way. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. 9. “Parasite”: Coming on the heels of “Roma,” “Parasite” proves the dissection of privilege is our era’s most potent theme. Having wisely taken the talented-beyond-his-years young director Trey Edward Shults under their wing after his debut, “Krisha,” they give him the tools to really shine in this drama that is a showcase for both inspired direction and a masterclass in acting. “The Assistant” With the sexiest movies of 2019, there's no through line that connects them all outside the fact that each of them have the capability to raise an eyebrow (or two). The years fly by in a blur, especially when you spend most of them in a darkened cinema. And the clothes – yes, we really wore those back then. Read the full review here. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”: My crazed, obsessive fandom for this film is my worst-kept secret. “Ad Astra” and “High Life” for confirming my suspicion that when we get to space it will be incredibly lame, and “Apollo 11” for punching that suspicion in the face like it told Buzz Aldrin the moon landing was a hoax. “Booksmart”: Olivia Wilde made the teen movie I’ve been waiting for all my life. And that’s just the basic set-up. Chronicling the reckless fall and tentative rise of punk rocker Becky Something — lead singer of the band Something She — “Her Smell” is told across five long scenes that stretch over 10 years, each of the vignettes unfolding in real time, and most of them set in the snaking bowels of a concert venue’s backstage area. “Diamantino” and “Monos” for breaking ground visually. Read the full review here. As one of the co-directors of the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival since 1997, I have seen so many of our films and filmmakers come through. Imagine if Danny Boyle’s “Steve Jobs” was about Courtney Love in the mid-’90s, and you’ll have a pretty good sense of how this raw punk epic has been structured. Read the full review here. Finally, this concert film from the legendary Aretha at age 29 was released and stunned me. “A Marriage Story” “Richard Jewell” 5. Blinded By The Light. Talk about meteoric rise! Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. Share Tweet Submit Pin. A brilliant twist. Even if Hu had every intention of writing his will on-screen, there was surely more to him than can be divined from his work. The Weinstein Company snapped up English-language rights before the company collapsed.) It’s Martin Scorsese’s delirious attempt to capture the quicksilver energy of an idea that’s too powerful to retain any kind of permanent shape. 50. It slaps. Independent movies are the films that, mostly, populate the Academy Awards every year — and there's a reason for that. This April, Beyoncé managed to fit the whole spectacle into a euphoric, triumphant, and exhaustingly fierce documentary that should help see Beychella enshrined as one of the definitive pop culture events of the century. The Chinese director’s sophomore effort is a fascinating application of filmmaking innovation toward expressionistic ends. “Honeyland”: How could someone as selfish as me care about a beekeeper? 9. It was a true moment. It’s also why Olivier Assayas’ sly and delightful “Non-Fiction” (née “E-book”) feels like such a lark at first — like a master filmmaker clearing his throat between more significant projects. “Diamantino” is nothing less (and so much more) than the movie the world needs right now. “Atlantics” – Mati Diop’s first feature is part romance, part ghost story and part social commentary. Want to gripe about our choices or suggest others from 2019 in independent film? “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…” Stories were so diverse and so rich – there was so much to choose from. Finding an intersection between inspiration and nostalgia, Blinded By The Light celebrates the universal power of art and how it can expand someone’s worldview. Hard to sit through and impossible to forget, this torpid four-hour anti-drama is suffused with the sort of hopelessness that cinema only sees every once in a long while (Werner Herzog’s “Stroszek” and Béla Tarr’s “The Turin Horse” come to mind), and the man who made it — a former student of Tarr’s — killed himself before the world premiere of his monolithic first (and last) feature. OK, let’s not forget that I worked as the VP of Theatrical Sales for THINKFilm for seven years as well. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows … Riley Stearns’ script has a tendency to linger on dry interactions that can turn clunky when they overstay their welcome. Every glance and gesture matters in Celine Scaimma’s gorgeous feminist masterpiece. For independent film lovers, the Sundance Film Festival is the most important event of the year. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”/”Hustlers”/”Knives Out” for quality, unhurried escapism at the movies, very welcome in a dreary 2019. This Article is related to: Film and tagged Year in Review 2019. 2019 was an outstanding year for women in film. 6. His name was Hu Bo, and he was 29 years old. … In no order for the first one, and I’ve worked on a few of these and gleefully confess my bias. Somewhere between a ballet dancer and a murderer. “Synonyms” “63 Up” Set in the Victorian era but progressive in almost every major aspect of its narrative and design, Laika’s fifth feature may lack the weight and urgency of the studio’s previous work, but it reaffirms the studio’s commitment to a future that comes in all shapes and sizes. If “ANIMA” is a sublimely visceral encapsulation of what it feels like to listen to Radiohead (or its frontman), that’s because it feels like the kind of dream that follows you out of bed — the kind of dream that makes the mad world around you seem real enough to touch. “Donnybrook” Loved it to the last bee sting. “The Irishman” I have worked on over 250 documentaries over the years – but there is something special about “For Sama” and these filmmakers and this family. 2019 is here, and it's looking promising in terms of the exciting new independent features that are due to be released. A lot of the time, they are the best films of the year. His memory will always be inextricable from his movie (and vice-versa), but it would be painfully reductive to conclude that one of those things is able to explain the other. All rights reserved. Lo giving us what 50 years old looks like and her pole solo. “Watchmen” Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. “Apollo 11”: The thought that I could be bewitched and patriotic about the moon landing, so many years later, surprised me. A German emergency doctor named Rieke (Susanne Wolff) takes a well-deserved vacation from her long nights of saving lives, and flies to the sunny rocks of Gibraltar in order to fulfill one of her forever dreams. A swiss army knife of a team member while at THINKFilm, Dylan Marchetti would go on to be associated with WellGo USA for many years after THINK.

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